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*** New chatroom open to English speaking

hams interested in digital modes! ***

A new VOIP D-STAR chat room has been setup for you and your fellow HAMS to get real-time assistance with D-STAR, IRLP, AllSTAR, ECHOLINK and other HAM Radio topics. It is NOT intended to replace the Yahoo Groups or any other forum. It is a place where you could get quicker responses and have real-time interaction with the person(s) trying to help you. The chat rooms are hosted by other HAMS/users. This means there may be times when no one is available. Anyone who knows the answer to a question is welcome and encouraged to answer questions..

First let me say that this service is provided by K4KWQ (Tim) free of charge. If you do find it useful, you may want to make a contribution.

What is nice about this product is that you can leave it running minimized and go about doing other things on your device and the push-to-talk hotkey, you will setup, will still be active without needing to bring the application to the forefront.

The software used is called TeamSpeak. There are clients for the Windows (32 bit & 64 bit), Mac, Linux iOS devices and Androids. The software is free for most platforms. Basically it is a full duplexing VOIP communications tool.

If you’re interested, and we hope you are, here’s how to join us.

Download the software

Go to

Click on “Downloads” at the top of the window and download the application for your platform. Next Install it. You will be presented with a setup wizard. Please use it to install.

On the first screen click “Next”.
On the second screen click “ I agree” if you agree to the license terms.
On the third screen decide who you want to install it for and click “Next”.
On the fourth screen select your destination folder (I would take the default) and click “Next”.
On the sixth screen select where you want the configuration files stored (again I would use the default) and click “Next”.
On the seventh screen select the start menu folder and click “Install”.

Now start the program.

If you are not presented with the setup wizard, click “settings” on the top of the window and then select “setup Wizard”.

On the second screen, click “Next”.
On the third screen enter a username it MUST be your callsign all in caps followed by a space followed by a hyphen, followed by your first name.
If you do not follow this format you will not be given access.  For example:  G7KTL – Cat
Then click “Next”.
On the fourth screen select Push-To-Talk. You must set-up a hotkey for the PTT. DO NOT use voice activation. The “RIGHT ALT” key is a popular choice. Make sure you select a key that isn’t used often for other apps you may have running. Then click “Next”.
On the fifth screen you can test your microphone if you want or just click “Next”.
On the sixth screen we don’t recommend setting a hotkey for speaker mute as it can cause problems.  However, if you do want to use this function, perhaps consider using the “RIGHT CTRL” key which is seldom used. Just click on “Next” to move on from this screen.
On the next TWO screens just click “Next”.
On the last screen, uncheck everything and click “Finish”.


Select Bookmark at the top of the window.
Select “Add to Bookmarks”. If it is grayed out click on “manage Bookmarks” then add bookmark.
Fill in the “Label” and “Address” …
The label is anything you want to call it. For example: The K4KWQ Server
The host or Address is:
The nickname should already be set to the Nick name you provided earlier.
No password or any other information is needed under the Bookmark settings.
Click “OK”.

Connect to the Server

Select “Bookmarks” at the top of the window.

Click on the label you created earlier when you added the bookmark.

You will be put in the ‘HamShack’ room. You need to be authorized, so stay there until that happens. If there isn’t an admin available, and you don’t get authorized in this session you can get authorized in a subsequent session.

To talk: hold down your PTT hotkey. You can hold it and talk in duplex if someone answers or let go. The first person you will probably talk to is Tim (K4KWQ). Only people in the chat room can hear the conversation taking place in that room.

There are some rules to using this service:

1. Be kind, courteous and tolerant.
2. Foul language, of any type, WILL NOT be tolerated. Even the smallest curse words, like hell or damn, are not allowed. If you slip up, I know I did, you will more than likely be warned or possibly put in the “dog house” room. Sorry, but you never know who is with a fellow user, so we must conform to this rule. If you do not adhere to this rule you will be banned from using the service.

If you have a problem contact: K4KWQ1 at 

Please spread the word!

Click any of the icons below for more info:


Allstar Web Page

I R L P Web Page